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I write this as a servant humbled by the righteous work of the Father, commissioned to truth and call.  By this I earnestly urge you consider your own ways and judge them if they be the ways of integrity and the character of Christ.


The challenge through the word is to up rightness and confidence in the Spirit toward the body of Christ and those still to receive Christ (in need of salvation).  It is necessary that the sons of God be men and woman of their word. Let your yay be yay and your nay be nay.  It is better for a servant to say that he will not and then do it, rather than the one who says that he will and does it not.  For if we are not honest in one deed or in one word, how can we be trusted with all?


It should not be a light thing to commit to a commitment and then be found lacking in the same, whether it be to God or man.  The appointment might not be of great importance but our word should be of utmost importance. 


The work of Christ suffers greatly at the broken promises and commitment of the body to it. Broken promises have a destructive domino effect, which brings shame and judgment against the people and work of Christ, worse still toward God Himself.  For example if a man promise to return to a man in need and he does not, the need will not be met, the ‘answer to prayer’ that brought the man rest brings disillusionment, and God is ultimately questioned. Another example if man promise financial commitment, on his word strategy is put in place and further commitments and vision begin to work on that promise made, when he does not keep his word strategy, commitment and vision cannot worked out, which again leaves the visionary, the work and the body lacking, with the world pointing fingers and making judgment on Christ and His people.


We are to put a guard before our mouth and be slow to speak!  For again, our word should be our bond, the scripture teaches us that the word of God should continually be in our mouth and His praises continually on our lips. For unto Him that ordered His conversation a right he will see the salvation of God.


For a long time it has been understood that the tongue, the smallest member of the body, used in gossip or slander is a murderer.  This is correct but it is not the only way we murder with the tongue.  When we give our word in anything and do not keep it, we cause murder by disillusionment and by stealing faith and trust.  It is true that many a man and woman of God is burn out because of the heaps of broken promises, many of them made in the Name of God,  “God said….”.  Many a community and influential men left as unbelievers because of unfilled promises by the church.


The church has be lenient for many a reason on the body, regarding our ‘word’ and integrity. Whether it be for fear of offense or for fear of judgment, however it is time for us to deeply consider our flippancy in speech and commitment, it is time to consider OUR ways!


God does not change his mind and word; however we insinuate that He does, ‘God told me to join, God told me to leave; God told me to serve, God told me to serve another. God told me to go, God made a mistake, it’s another place.” And so it goes on. If men were to follow you where would they go? Would they run to and fro in confusion, or around and around, would they stay put and not follow for fear of you changing your mind, or would they stay right on your heals like and Elisha in strong confidence of your steadfast word and ways?  How are you known? How are you spoken of?


If a man is not a man of His word, then righteousness cannot be found in Him.  We should strive to remain FAITHFUL to our promise and commitment no matter WHAT THE COST. And because there is such a cost to our commitment we should be slow to speak.


God would rather you keep your word, see your promise through, than fall short and bring question on the church. The father is working and presenting the body in unity and integrity, He is in the building business, he would have us to be disciplined and follow through for the sake of the Kingdom.  This would grow us in stature as we fight to uphold our word and keep our promises, it would make a man out of us.  If you had a son, and he made a pledge to a commitment, would you allow him to be slothful in that, or would you teach him saying “son you will become a man, be strong and fulfil your commitment at whatever the cost”? If your son was on the mission field in a difficult place, would you encourage him to quit, or fight the good fight, having done all to stand to stand?  Demon, man and God watch our word and integrity.  Again, if we cannot be integral in our appointment how can we be trusted that the gospel we preach be true?


The word teaches that whatever our heart is full of our mouth speaks. What is your heart full of, do you make emotional commitments that you fail to keep, or are you steadfast and trustworthy in all your ways?



Apostle Hans Blunk

called by God not by men

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