Convention Panafricaine de la World Ministry Fellowship

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Beloved in Christ,


Let the glory of the Most High shine brightly in your lives and ministries, in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ!


This year’s convocation will have innovations compared to the ones in yester years. E.g., we will have God’s Servants only sharing times set around this topic: having a new vision for our leadership.


We also want to remind you that the deadline for the reception of the lists of candidates for affiliations and ordinations is august 24, 2010 and will suffer no derogation. The same deadline applies to lists of couples who want to renew their marriage vows.


For current members who have lost their cards and want to have them replaced, please also send us their lists (of course with their annual contributions) by August 24, 2010 as well.


This year no derogation will be accepted beyond the August 24, 2010 deadline.


For those who are in need of visas to enter the Democratic Republic of Congo or Cameroon, please already contact us now to enable us get nominal official invitations for you.


And if you need hotel or other lodging reservations in Kinshasa or Yaoundé, please already contact us now as well. In Kinshasa, room fares range from 60 to 300 dollars per night, including breakfast.


Any constructive suggestion for the success of this year’s convocation is welcome.


God bless you!

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