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When we “don’t believe we really possess” what we have been told “was given to us”, we won’t do anything to pursue it. When a child is called to supper from the back yard, after playing all day and is hungry, they will come and wash their hands, ready to eat what they “believe” has been prepared for them. They know that leaving where they are, doing what is required, has nothing to do with the preparation or the provision of the food. “What they do”, only affords them the benefit of the parental relationship. So, pursuit is the evidence of belief. If we say we believe in Him, we should pursue Him. Leave those things that we are trying to do and go to what He has prepared for us because He’s our Father. So, when “your Father” calls you to come and dine, arise, go, and receive.  

This is truth that will change your life! Think about it.

Pastor Steve

Steve and Kathy

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